80 Funny Good Night Messages and Wishes With Sweet Dreams

Share the fun with entertaining funny good night messages and wishes for your beloved! Send funny bedtime wishes to friends & family. Rest with laughter before striking the hay. Everyday routine for us abounds with boredom, anxiety, and enterprise! Whenever we go back to our homes overall, our exhausted bodies and thoughts feel completely exhausted.


A funny good night text from a special somebody, from a dear coworker, our beautiful friends can perform a miracle technique on our stressed selves! Receiving funny good night texts can make us feel very special during us a good giggle before going to sleep. Looking for different funny goodnight texts for boyfriend, girlfriend, and friends that you may send and make your loved ones have fun their anxiety aside.

Funny Good Night Messages To Make Him Smile

Send funny goodnight messages to someone special and make them smile with our collection of funny good night text messages. Sure to bring fun and ambiance to their bedtime regimen. Take a look at right now!

The future is designed by your desires, so stop losing a moment and go to sleep! Sweet dreams and Good night!

Good night and rest nicely! I wish you have desires as nice as I feel!

The sun is red, the sky is blue, and I am unable to remain happy not having shared you. Goodnight my love.

Good night! Please seldom appear in my fantasy; I don’t need a nightmare tonight.

Now 4.7 million folks are sleeping, 2.5 million are thinking, and 1.3 million are watching television. But one cute heart is reading through my sweet humor, good night!

Don’t spend considering your missing past, Don’t spend your time for preparing your potential. Better destroy some nasty flying bugs with this time To sleep much better. Good Night.


Good night my beloved, should you see a headache tonight, never call me. I must sleep.

Sleeping is the only thing you are good at apart from breathing, so great night.

May the next day be lastly the day you succeed in life. Sleep properly!

Good night! May you be protected from the ghosting under your bed!

Sleep Good Night Funny Quotes

Here are some funny quotes related to sleep and saying good night. Keep in mind that entertaining can be a good way to end the day with an optimistic observation.

Good night lover! Don’t look into the window at night. Furthermore, don’t look beneath the bed. There could be something! Just joking! Have a sweet dream, my sweetheart!

If you think lonely don’t worry. I am here to interrupt you constantly. Right now sleep well. Good night beloved. Have a fantastic frightful dream!

When I state GOOD night, I want one to be a GOOD boy during the night. So do not consider any girl except me. Good night good looking.

The tranquility of this gorgeous night jogs my memory of you. How do I sleep quietly with this night without disturbing you?


Have a very good night. Steer of bed bugs concealing under your bed.

You’ve viewed sufficient of the terrible world so much better close your eyes.

Let the best dream can be found tonight. Let the best person appear in your dream tonight but do not ensure it is a routine, Because I’m not free nightly, Good Night!

To I can assure you a sweet dream is by after me. Thus, what are you awaiting? Sleep well!

Send me a text if a headache kicks in and you also cannot rest at nighttime. I will be your protector angel no anxieties. Have an excellent time of sleep, beloved.

Nothing will take your important place around me apart from a good night’s rest. I am away to it, you are doing that also. Love yaa. Sweet dreams.

Considering your mode triggered! Missing you happening! Should you be conscious answer deactivate imagining mode. Good night!

Never feel alone although sleeping tonight. You will have the boogeyman under your bed maintaining your company. Good night.

Good night, and trash good. I’d say sleep nicely, but you sleep deprived and rubbish more.

The good folks sleep a lot better at night compared to the bad folks. The bad people take pleasure in the waking hours far more. Good night!

So why do we shut our eyes? Whenever we hope, once we cry, if we dream? As the most incredible stuff in life is invisible and experienced by the heart just, Goodnight my love.

Welcome to Sweet Dreams Aircraft. We will be soon arriving at Dreamland. Secure covers, puff the pillow, close your eyes, and prepare to doze away! Good Night!

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ123456789*# Thanks a lot God every one of the keypads is fine … Oh, anyway…Good Night!

I will message you good night however it’s not a good night if it had been a good night, I would be resting currently and not messaging you.

I’m sharp, which suggests you should discuss; I ban through resting until I can’t. Awaken.

Funny Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

Send giggles to your guy with funny good night messages for your boyfriend! Help to make him smile before going to bed with the funny texts. Sweet dreams assured!

Baby, you have to be exhausted from searching so good looking all day long, so only why don’t you stop off and get superior sleep? Good Night to you!

Beloved, you have to sleep early and get up on time therefore the sun does not get to sparkle better than you! Sweet dreams, love!

Text me should you have a headache, I’m going to send my unique angels to deal with you.

The nighttime appears to be pretty dull so let us have a time! Enter into your pajamas, sleep the night on your bed, and fulfill me within your dreams!


Hey good looking, although I’m the prettier one out of our relationship, you need to look after yourself too! Off to bed at the moment!

Babe, if you do not go to bed at this time, no cuddles for you the next day! Therefore be a good boy and also have a tight rest! Good night to you!

I love you very much, however, this does not indicate I will stay up through the night only to talk to you. I need to rest.

Hi babe, I’m speaking with you, nicely only wished to say goodnight and I also love you, never hug the pillows, I’m suitable over here in my house oops!

Sleep limited without being anxious, my love. I will secure you from the spirits under your bed.

Funny Good Night Messages For Girlfriend

Make her sleep happier with our funny good night messages for a girlfriend! Send huge smiles of happiness and sweet dreams with our funny texts. Get ready to giggle.

Hi babe, you are the hottest girl across the world in my eyes however don’t require dim areas around your eyes! Sleep tight love!

My angel, your chilly vacant bed is crying fully as the cushions could not get to sleep without you. Please join in soon and still have sweet dreams!

Thinking of me all the time must be quite exhausting for you, why don’t we fulfill in the dreamland, darling? Good night to you!

Good night to you, lover! I imagine sleeping in your bed can be as relaxed as drifting off to sleep in my arms or else I’m coming around!

The only thing which is more valuable to me is my sleep, so I will bed. Good night.

Baby, I can listen to the mind exploding with anxiety from here, so shut off your mind during the day and go to sleep presently! Sweet dreams, my love!


Sleepy text from the tired boyfriend to the tired girlfriend at a sleepy time on a sleepy day, in a sleepy feeling to say rest limited my dear goodnight.

Please let your toes look through beneath the covers. No boogeyman will challenge you to create me next to you. Bed bugs? Avoid me around. Sleep nicely, my beautiful!

How are you designed to check out me in my dreamland should you don’t rest? I’ll have to take you to that destination. So go to sleep. Good night sweet dreams.

What is the idea of resting and thinking if you are not able to see me in your dreams?

I fault you for my trouble resting. Your thinking doesn’t allow me to sleep at night.

So there is a bad bed? Since you sleep more easily in my arms.

Funny Good Night Wishes For Friends

Wrap your day with our Funny Good Night Wishes For Friends. Certain to bring fun before bedtime, making every night unforgettable.

My friend, I do not wish you to go to sleep throughout class future so be done and fall asleep! Good night to you!

Buddy, times are for operating, consuming, and taking pleasure in yourselves whilst nights are especially for resting reasons. So relax yourself and sleep earlier!

I’m scared to rest alone, friend. Would you perform a lullaby for me? I’m certain your performance will frighten all the ghosts far away from my house.

Dear buddy, as your single well-wisher, I wish to let you know that you’re gonna repent getting referrals all night a lot the next day. Please sleep!

Hey you, do not hit the ‘Next episode’ key on Netflix anymore and give your eyes a little rest! Hope you fall sleeping as well as drift to dreamland quickly!


Dear buddy, I truly decline to focus on your ranting about your lack of sleep the next day so don’t be irritating and rest on time! Goodnight!

Buddy, you had better fall asleep, or I’ll tattle which you stayed up through the night watching Netflix should you be overdue for class future.

You will be my mate however I’m not about to stay up hearing you rant about your sleeplessness.

It’s time for you to do your preferred thing in the entire world, lover. It’s time for you to go to bed and rest.

Stating good night is just a ritual or because of a free message. It’s the ability to say that I keep in mind you in “My Last Second of the Day”! Good Night.

Twinkle, twinkle little star. How is wonder what you are? Up over a sky so high, where you are, I wish you were acquired. Twinkle, twinkle little star. Can I keep near or far? Goodnight my little perfect star.

Funny Good Night Jokes Quotes

End your day with a smile of pleasure! Have fun with our collection of Funny Good Night Jokes Quotes to share laughs and distribute happiness before bedtime!

Sleeping on my keyboard. If I solution, I’m speaking in my sleep. Good night!

Sun will not be red, Sea will not be glowing blue, I will not be happy, Without having troubling you! Good Night!

As the robber was leaving behind the house, your child awoke and believed the thief “Take my school bag also, otherwise, I’ll awaken my mum”. Good Night!

I wish God helped me with an SMS to achieve you in Seconds. Set you back nothing, you can read me and I can help you cheerful, that is value millions for me!!! Good night and laugh for me!

Cuddle in tight and await me. I cannot wait around to visit wrap my arms with you and sound sweet nothings in your ear. Good night!

Sending you my bed to help you to sleep, pillows to convenience you, and my quilt to keep you hot. I can’t rest now as I do not have a bed! Good Night!

Sleep in serenity tonight, God is bigger than anything you will face tomorrow. Good Night!

Folks sleep serenely in their beds at night because tough men stand prepared to assault on their behalf. Good night!

The bed bugs have ended and the boogeyman went out. All that is kept is simply you and me. Let’s shut our peepers and have to sleep!

It’s simple to experience boredom and stress top a busy life and pursue a similar routine daily. But you can very easily quit the anxiety overall through many simple funny Good night messages and wishes! Sending good night texts is a marvelous method to check out somebody whom you worry about and ask all of them about their times. It’s additionally a good opportunity to let your substantial other realize that you’re considering them in your sweet ideas or advise your friends that you take care of their wellness. And if you can send some jokes or funny text messaging to wish them an excellent rest, it will certainly make them chuckle right ahead of sleep! Therefore what are the samples above to obtain some crazy crafting ideas?