The Best Online Cybersecurity Degree Programs 2024


In the modern area of online cybersecurity degree, technology experts secure delicate data, detect cyberattacks, and find Cyber Criminals. Along with a six-figure average cybersecurity salary and much faster than regular expected job development, in accordance with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), specialists in this industry benefit from an extremely powerful job prospect.


The best online cybersecurity degrees experience occurrence reaction, security layout, and risk administration in a versatile structure. Distance learners have classes online while participating in hands-on feinte and investigating fundamental cyber threats. These programs make graduates to fulfill 21st-century difficulties in the business, government, military and nonprofit industries.

The best bachelor’s degree can be able to prepare you for in-demand, high-paying professions in cybersecurity. Continue reading for more information about the top-ranking online cybersecurity degree programs.

Why You Can Trust Online Cybersecurity Degrees

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Best Online Cybersecurity Degree Options

Hilbert College
Kennesaw State University
Boise State University
Regent University
Excelsior University
California Baptist University
Methodist University

You need to Enroll in an Online Cybersecurity Degree Program?

Should you be prepared to get into cybersecurity, a bachelor’s degree is an excellent starting place. And most schools provide their cybersecurity degrees in an online structure. However distance learning is best for you? Think about the subsequent queries when selecting between online and real time delivery forms.

How versatile is your plan? Online programs offer more versatility than on-campus courses. This is specially true for asynchronous courses, that do not need live classes at set occasions. Should you have a schedule or you’re controlling school with work, an internet format could be the best suit.


How can you understand best? Many students take advantage of real time studying, which stimulates relationships with faculty and friends. Other students choose a much more self directed option. Should you fall anywhere between, think about an online program that categorizes discussion.

What’s your budget? Earning a cybersecurity degree online can help you save money. Besides attending your local college or transferring, you can find dating the most economical online cybersecurity programs. If you’re on a tight budget, an internet structure could be a great suit.

Accreditation for Online Cybersecurity Programs

Distance learners must always choose certified institutions. Accredited online colleges fulfill excessive standards for academic high quality. Distinct accrediting agencies examine organizations on their student studying outcomes, educational mission and school qualifications. Only trustworthy institutions can sustain accreditation.

Examine an institution’s accreditation position with the Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs from the U.S. Department of Education and learning.


Besides institutional accreditation, cybersecurity programs can also maintain programmatic accreditation. The Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET awards certification to computer science and info technology programs, such as cybersecurity programs.

The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAEC) also appreciates cybersecurity programs that fulfill requirements set by the National Security Agency. The program identifies in excess of 400 colleges as National Centers of Academic Excellence in both cyber defense, analysis or cyber functions. These recognized colleges follow the guidelines for cybersecurity schooling.

How To search for the Right Online Cybersecurity Program for You

If you have decided to practice your cybersecurity education online, here is do the following next to reduce your options.

Consider Your Future Goals

Cybersecurity experts are in popular, and lots of roles in the area earn six-figure median incomes. But which program offers the best preparing for cybersecurity careers? Find the suitable program for you by thinking about the future targets.

The cybersecurity field includes many subfields, such as security engineering, event response, security testing and cybersecurity administration. Some special areas of practice need more powerful specialized skills, while some require an knowing of business and administration. Analysis various concentrate areas to find out which ones fit your talents.


Consider your goals about a career in law enforcement or business cybersecurity; pick a program that will serve those intentions.

If you’re interested in working most explicitly in one industry or type of job, learn how good each program is at placing its graduates in any jobs—and in getting them into particular industries or jobs.

Understand Your Costs and How to Pay for Them

While the degree can increase potential earnings from Cybersecurity, it depends on how much you will have to pay toward your degree in general.

Tuition rates for an online cybersecurity degree run from $135 to somewhere over $500 per credit. A total of tuition for a 120-credit bachelor’s can range from $16,000 to over $62,000. By contrast, the average cost of more than $69,000 for a four-year bachelor’s degree, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.


In addition to tuition, be sure to budget in other expenses for things like textbooks and technology.

Financial aid is available to help you pay for your cyber degree. Federal aid, like the Pell Grant, is available to online students who attend accredited schools. You can also secure loans or apply for scholarships and grants.

Common Questions About Online Cybersecurity Degrees

What kind of degree do you need for cybersecurity?

Many cybersecurity jobs demand a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. An undergraduate four-year degree will give you technical and the more in-depth specialization necessary in theRuns on cyber operations, cloud security, or specializations. It also meets up with the demands of working in federal agencies like NSA or FBI.


Is a Cybersecurity Degree Worth It?

The degree in cybersecurity will be well worth the effort for most graduates. Among the most valued professions, cybersecurity is generally high in demand, with good pay—like the $112,000 median pay for information security analysts in May 2022, states BLS—and can also be expected to realize a 34% increase in employment opportunities for information security analysts from 2022 to 2032.

How Long Does One Have To Go To School To Earn A Degree In Cybersecurity?

This means that a student typically spends four years studying full-time for a bachelor’s in cybersecurity degree. If you are part-time, then it will obviously take you longer. You can save time and money by transferring credits you’ve already earned toward your degree in cybersecurity.